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 Critical Trance TRANS>6
Variations on the Thing/Variaciones Sobre las Cosas
by Slavoj Zizek
Planet Zaha Hadid
by Yehuda Safran
by Karim Rashid
 Cultural Conditioning TRANS>6
The Brazilian Curator Private/ The Carioca Curator
by by/por Paulo Herkenhoff and Adriano Pedrosa
Cultural Conditioning/Condiciones culturales
by by/por Madeleine Grynsztejn
A Conversation between Gustav Metzger and Hans-Ulrich Obrist/Una conversacion entre Gustav Metzger y Hans Ulrich-Obrist
by Hans Ulrich-Obrist
A Conversation between Seth Siegelaub And Hans-Ulrich Obrist/Una conversation entree Seth Siegelaub u Hans-Ulrich Obrist
by by/por Hans-Ulrich Obrist
Mr. Fascination/ El Sr. Fascination
by by/por Lia Gangitano
1+1= 3
by by/por Udo Kittelmann
 La Oficina TRANS>6
Karim Rashid
by Karim Rashid
Jorge Pardo
by Jorge Pardo
Jac Leirner
by Jac Leirner
 Moving structures TRANS>6
Planet Zaha Hadid
by by Yehuda Safran
by by/por Karim Rashid
Overviews, Views and Reviews
 Studio Visits TRANS>6
Steven Brower: From White Cube to a Infrestructure/ Stephen Brower: Del Cubo Blanco a la Infrestuctura
by by/por Roxana Marccoci
Sometimes It Does Take a Village/ A vexes faces falia todo un pueblo
by by/por Lisa Liebmann and/y Brooks Adams
Here's Not Here: Terry Myers Visits Jim Hodge' Studio in New York/"En no se encuentra" Terry Myers visita el taller de Jim Hodges en Nueva York
by by/por Terry Myers
 Double Check TRANS>6
Alfred Wenemoser: Spacial Conflicts/ Alfred Wenemoser: Conflictos especiales
by by/por Jesus Feunmayor
Welcome to the grand fiction constructed by General Idea. A fiction that became a life in triplicate/Bienvenidos a la gran ficción construed pro Idea General, una ficción sue se tornó una vida, pro triplicado
by by/por Joshua Decter
Perejaume: Una Conversacion
by Amparo Lozano and Perejaume
 One x One TRANS>6
If I am Here, you are there/Si yo estoy aquí, tu estas ahí
by by/por Lucio Pozzi
Removings, Disappearances, Omissions/ Enlevement, disparirions, oublis
by by/de Sandrine Guerin
 Overview TRANS>6
Painting After Minimalism/ La Pintura después el Minimalismo
by by/por Saul Anton