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 Critical Trance TRANS>3 4
Parable of the Eaters and Eaten/ La Párabola de los Devoradores y los Devorado
by by/por Stuart Klawans
 Critical Trance On Films TRANS>3 4
Andrea Zittel
by Andrea Zittel
 La Oficina TRANS>3 4
Adriana Varejão
by None
Andrea Zittel
by None
Wim Delvoye
by None
 Moving structures TRANS>3 4
Convertible Vehicles/ Vehículos Convertibles
by by/por Jordan Crandall
Representations of Violence

TRANS> has invited two of the greatest intellectuals of our time to participate in the Telesymposium: Juan Goytisolo and Julia Kristeva in conversation with Ruben Gallo. These two figures have dedicated their lives to a truly critical endeavor - a practice that consists of constantly questioning and examining the most fundamental aspects of human existence. Goytisolo and Kristeva discuss the role that the intellectual should serve in society - a role marked by a passion for knowledge which is fundamentally opposed to the simplistic prejudices and mental indolence of which Impostures Intellectuelles, a recent diatribe against "postmodern theories", is only the last avatar.

Overviews, Views and Reviews
 Studio Visits TRANS>3 4
Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle
by by/por Bonnie Clearwater
Sophie Tottie
by by/por Carolina Ponce de Léon
Quisqueya Henríquez/Consuelo Castañeda
by by/por Mónica Amor
María Fernanda Cardoso
by by/por Helen Varola
Ginny Bishton
by by/por David Pagel
Monica Giron
by by/por Marcelo Pacheco
 Essays TRANS>3 4
An Impure Abstraction: from Marcel Duchamp to Cartography/ Une Abstraction Impure: De Marcel Duchamp á la Cartographie
by par/by Christine Buci-Glucksman
Tourist Information: Cildo Meireles and Christian Phillipp Müller/ Información Trustíca: Cildo Meireles y Christian Philipp Müller
by by/por George Baker
 Double Check TRANS>3 4
Mel Bochner
by by/por Brian Rotman
 Reviews TRANS>3 4
Argentina 1920-1994: El Deseo del Amo/The Master's Desire
by by/por Nicolas Guagnini
Argentina 1920-1994: Objectos Morales: La Identidad como cliché/Moral Objects: Identity As Cliche
by por/by Reinaldo Laddaga