An Evening with Yang Fudong (Shanghai)

Monday, January 26, 8:15pm

Yang Fudong's films and videos explore China's rapid changeover to the "wired" world. He discusses "Estranged Paradise," a quiet meditation on peace, boredom, love and melancholy.
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Yang Fudong: Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest
Curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist

Opening Reception: January 29, 6-8pm

January 29 - March 27
The first solo exhibition of Yang Fudong in New York City.
A traveling exhibition organized by The Moore Space, Miami.
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China Now
February 12-16

Fudong's other videos are part of "China Now," MoMA's exhibition of reality-based digital video, animation and fiction work by 13 artists, at the Gramercy Theatre, Febuary 12-16.
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Yang Fudong
at MoMA Film and TRANS>area

Estranged Paradise (1997-2002), 16 mm black and white film, shown as single-channel video. 76 min.

511 West 25th Street #502
New York, NY 10001
Phone: 646 486-0252 Fax: 646 486-0241

MoMA Film at the Gramercy Theatre
127 East 23 rd Street at Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10010
Box office: (212) 777-4900
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about Yang Fudong>
b. 1971, Beijing. Lives and works in Shanghai, China.

"Art is definitely not my profession, but it has become an integral part of my life. It's like going to sleep every night and dreaming. It's something that is always going to happen, something that ends and then begins again. It's like when you wake up in the morning knowing that you had a dream last night, but you cannot recall what it was that you dreamed. Still, a feeling lingers in the back of your mind that you had a strange or even frightening dream last night. You know if you try to tell the dream to someone else, they just won't be able to relate. So you can only keep it inside you. You live in a big city, hiding in your little corner, and it's doubtful that even a few people know of your existence. Yet you are a part of the city. It's you and a lot of other such people that make up this city. The feeling of the city depends on all of these people living in their own dreams. My relationship with society to a large degree is a kind of metabolic relationship. Society needs ever-changing relationships, just like those that are occurring today. I too am ever-changing. I was unable to choose which generation I was born into, yet I have to learn to adapt to the times." Yang Fudong

about China Now>
Over the past five years, Chinese media artists from Beijing and Shanghai to Hangzhou have gained access to the latest cameras and computer technology, and are producing vivid, original work. Their startling actions performed on crowded Chinese city streets, diaristic works with the flavor of "reality TV," and narratives caught between tradition and utopian dreams portray China now. Although media art has received official acceptance in China, with prominent exposure in the Shanghai Biennial and the Guangzhou Triennial, work continues to flourish in an extensive alternative network that does not receive government endorsement. The tapes selected for this exhibition include works from what has traditionally been China's underground art network, as well as from biennials in Venice, Istanbul, Havana, and Cairo.

Organized by Barbara London, Associate Curator, Department of Film and Media.

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about TRANS>area
TRANS>area is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Yang Fudong (Shanghai) in New York, curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist, and organized by The Moore Space, Miami. Yang Fudong: Seven Intellectuals in Bamboo Forest and Selected Video Works is generously sponsored by Rosa & Carlos de la Cruz, Ivelin & Craig Robins, Eugenio Lopez/La Coleccion Jumex. The presentation at TRANS>area has received support from Cristina Delgado & Stephen Olsen, Steven Johnson & Walter Sudol, Avantgarde Multimedia and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. TRANS>area is a nonprofit arts and cultural space in Chelsea, New York. TRANS>area offers artists their first solo exhibition in New York City. The program at TRANS>area is sponsored by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

about MediaScope>
Dedicated to experimentation with cinematic form and content, MediaScope presents emerging and recognized artists who discuss their work with the audience. The program explores filmmaking, video art, web-based installation, and digital art practices, and is co-organized by Sally Berger, Jytte Jensen, Laurence Kardish, Barbara London and Joshua Siegel.

Upcoming MediaScope: Wang Jianwei, February 9

MoMA at the Gramercy Theatre
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