For You


The NADA Art Fair 2003:Miami Beach
1691 Michigan Avenue, between 17th Street and Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

Performance schedule:
Thursday, December 4, 2pm
Saturday, December 6, 6pm
Sunday, December 7, 2pm

Presented by PARTICIPANT INC and TRANS>area

PARTICIPANT INC and TRANS >area are pleased to announce a live performance by Lovett/Codagnone, For You , at the NADA Art Fair 2003: Miami Beach.

On a rotating round platform (like a music box) the artists are constrained in a pose derived from a Tango. They are wearing costumes typical of Tango dancers: white shirts and high-waisted black dress pants. Their arms and opposing legs are bound by elements of their costumes (the shirt ties), designed to force them to maintain the dance position. Their leading hands are held together by the joining of the artists' shirt cuffs with their cufflinks (see video).
A special double-edged knife designed by the artists is used in the performance. The knife bears an inscription on each side, engraved with the title of the piece: FOR YOU. The knife is held simultaneously in the mouths of both artists for the duration of the performance, creating a tension between the artists while helping them maintain the pose from which the performance was inspired.

Tango was traditionally danced by two men and often had a knife as part of the ritual. Jorge Luis Borges wrote about this tradition of tango in “Evaristo Carriego,” published in 1933. Libertango by Astor Piazzola mixed with a text by Jorge Luis Borges (translated text follows) about the nature of Tango is read in Spanish by curator and critic Octavio Zaya and constitutes the soundtrack for the performance.


The erotic nature of tango has been perceived by many, not so its litigious temperament. It is true that they both are modes or manifestations of an identical impulse, and hence the word man, in all the languages I know, indicates sexual capacity and bellicose capacity at once, and the word virtus, which means courage in Latin, derives from vir, which is the male. Likewise, on one of Kim's pages an Afghan declares: “When I was fifteen, I had shot my man and begot my man,” as if the two acts were, essentially, one sole act .
The Litigious tango, Jorge Luis Borges

about the NADA Art Fair 2003:Miami Beach
THE NADA ART FAIR 2003: Miami Beach, is a groundbreaking collaborative effort bringing together 40 top innovative contemporary art galleries and non-profit spaces from around the world.

Thursday, Dec. 4 -- Sunday, Dec. 7, 2003: 1 pm – 8 pm
1691 Michigan Avenue, between 17th Street and Lincoln Road
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