Theo Angell MERIDETH SALIENT FIELD (7 minutes)
Erika Beckman  THE TENSION BUILDING (2.5 minutes
Lili Chin PORTRAIT OF SHANGHAI (5 minutes)
*Toni Dove SPECTROPIA (excerpt) (15 minutes)
Gregory King SUSTAIN (9 minutes)
Bradley Eros RITE OF THE BLACK SUN (9 minutes)
Ben Russell/Sabine Gruffat MICHOACAN: LA MUERTA (8 minutes
Leslie Thornton SAHARA MOJAVE (6 minutes)
Gail Vachon SORRY (2 minutes)
*Grahame Weinbrien 16 LETTERS (excerpt) (16 minutes)
Pawel Wojtasik THE AQUARIUM (20 minutes)

The Tension Building
3 min, HD
Ericka Beckman, 2006

“I want to draw an analogy between the Harvard Coliseum's simple architectural design and it's origins, a concrete mixer.”                 - Ericka Beckman

The Tension Building is a short stop motion animation experiment shot at the Harvard University Coliseum in winter 2006. The building is a classic 1920 stadium built to house field sports. It is an unpainted poured concrete structure standing in a field of green grass. The seating is part of the poured structure, coded with solid block letters and numbers. Through her stop motion technique, Beckman turns the structure into a spinning, thrashing machine.  The work is part of an continuing time-based media project where she turns various architectural sites into motion machines with adjustments in lens framing, exposure variations and camera movement. The design of the space dictates the animation design.


About Ericka Beckman

All of Beckman's films have games and role playing at their core. Hiatus is her current game construct, combining animation and in-camera effects with a contemporary "strung out on the Net" story. She is well known for her experimental films from the 1980s, such as Switch Center, Blind Country and Cinderella. She has shown extensively in museums and festivals such as MoMA, Walker Arts Center, Musee D'Orsay, Black Maria Film Festival, Shanghai Duolon Museum of Modern Art. Her films are in the collection of Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Museum of Modern Art, the Walker Art Center. She has received numerous grants from LEF Foundation, Moving Image Fund, Creative Contact Grant, Harvest Works, New York, NEA, NYSCA, and several other organizations.



Portrait of Shanghai
Lili Chin
5 min, HD


I visited Shanghai in December of 2002. At the time, I was struck by the rapid development of this incredible city. As neon lights laced the highways and foreign stores pollinated the streets, fear and anxiety veiled my impression. Reminiscing China's culture and history, I gazed at the remnants of the old landscape in the hopes of understanding the contrast of its escalating urban environment. In a search to reveal the old vs. new, Portrait of Shanghai is an unresolved meditation on the globalization of this progressive 21st Century city.


About Lili Chin

Lili Chin is an emerging artist based in New York City. Her films manipulate the traits of Super 8 and 16mm film to convey a sense of nostalgia and expose the medium in new technologies. Gathering footage as archival material, she retraces her travels to collage imagery and sound into peculiar and uncanny environments. Extracting metaphors out of unusual elements, she maps the elliptical cycle of rebirth in the early 21st Century. In an ongoing search to find order out of chaos, she is pursuing installation work to expand her artistic practice. She is an Alumni of Pratt Institute and has exhibited in venues such as Dumbo Arts Collective, Participant Gallery, Anthology Film Archives, Monkey Town, Digital Art Oxford and Enview Gallery. She is the Artist Outreach producer at Voom HD Lab and on the Board of Directors of the Filmmaker's Coop.


Rite of the Black Sun
Bradley Eros, 2005
11 min, HD

Rite of the Black Sun manifests three parallel approaches: abstraction, materiality and metaphor:

1) The concept of form and content at one and the same time, a notion perhaps best related to music.  It is here demonstrates a pure optical phenomena.
2) The elasticity of materials, and the volatility of matter & chemical change come into play with manipulated plastics burning in the gate.
3) A metaphor for a cosmological ritual, this rite is an alchemical process reflecting decay and regeneration in the solar realm.


About Bradley Eros

An artist working in myriad media: experimental film & video, collage, photography, performance, sound, text, expanded cinema & installation. Also a maverick curator, designer, researcher & investigator.  Exhibited at 2004 Whitney Biennial & The American Century, The New York Film Festival, London Film Festival, MoMA, Pacific Film Archives; and directs the Roberta Beck Mercurial Cinema.



Epiphany: The Cycle of Life
Ali Hossaini
85 min, HD

Epiphany: The Cycle of Life is a meditation on the passage of the spirit inspired by the Tibetan Book of Natural Liberation. Set to the music of Palestrina, the film explores the disorienting passage from life into death. Dizzying images - fading memories of people and places - give way to decomposition, fire and the underworld. Rebirth occurs materially, through the medium of plants, rather than reuniting spirit with body. The film is also a kind of documentary, continuing the tradition of personal cinema pioneered by Jonas Mekas. Using a singular style that emphasizes the visual impact of each scene, the filmmaker offers a series of personal mementos from trips to Iceland, Greenland, New York and the catacombs of Paris.


About Ali Hossaini

As a filmmaker and scholar, Ali Hossaini has worked on the cutting edge of media for many years.  He developed Voom HD Lab, a program that produces experimental films in high-definition format.  He has commissioned projects from Robert Wilson, Tony Oursler and many other artists, and his productions include performances by Brad Pitt, Winona Ryder, Robert Downey, Jr, Princess Caroline, Sean Penn, Isabella Rossellini, Juliette Binoche and other cultural icons.  Work from Voom HD Lab has been featured in the Whitney Biennial (2006), the Tribeca Film Festival (2006), P.S. 1-MoMA, Anthology Film Archives, the American Museum of the Moving Image and private galleries.


Gregory King, 2006
9 min, HD

After the last show of a concert tour, the span of hours, or even a day, where the routine of daily life is still a distance away.  In this charged space, the energy and landscape of the road, the feeling of possibility in rock clubs and concert halls, and the connection with hundreds of people who come to listen all combine as a dense battery of memory.  This film emerges from the environment of travel and sound that the bands Rachel's and Invert explored in the fall of 2005 when touring the West Coast.  It focuses on the phenomena where song structure and the unpredictable rightness of the places they traveled create a narrative of sensation and synergy.


About Gregory King

An artist of multiple disciplines, Gregory King has a BFA in printmaking from the Kansas City Art Institute, and an MFA in painting from Hunter College.  He has exhibited his work in numerous galleries, museums, universities, and film festivals across the country, notably the Corcoran Gallery in Washington DC, the Edinburgh and Ann Arbor Film Festivals, and the Rooftop Films Summer Series in Brooklyn.  He has won several grants and fellowships, such as an Arts

Midwest/NEA Regional Art Fellowship, a Mustard Seed Foundation Harvey Fellowship, and a Jerome Foundation Media Arts Program Grant.




Michoacan: La Muerta 
8 min

Michoacan: El Traidor 
8 min
Sabine Gruffat & Ben Russell, 2006

Makeshift folklore for an uncertain world. Shot in the Mexican state of Michoacan and constructed using the same  techniques employed in the Surrealist parlor game of the Exquisite Corpse, this video holds a mirror up to the unseen, hallucinates and reflects it back into the everyday forever and ever and ever.


About Sabine Gruffat

Sabine Gruffat is a media artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Her films and videos  have screened at several microcinema venues/ galleries including AS220, the PDX Film Festival, Discount Cinema, The Ice Factory, Hull Screen U.K, The Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago Filmmakers and the Gramercy Theater. Her photographs and video installations have been shown at the Zolla  Lieberman Gallery, Art In General, the Rochester Art Center and the Centro Cultural Telemar in Brazil. This summer she will be showing at Brissot-Linz Gallery in Paris, France.


About Ben Russell

Ben Russell is a Providence-based experimental film/videomaker whose works have screened at the Museum of Modern Art and in such exotic locales as Tokyo, Cologne, Rotterdam, and Iowa City.  Ben runs a microcinema called Magic Lantern, and he has made films about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the exploration of Easter Island, and the end of the world.  His most recent film is an hour-long narrative about the uncertain mythology of Billy the Kid.


Sahara Mojave
6 min, HD

The World Turns
2 min, HD
Leslie Thornton, 2006

Sahara Mojave creates a visual harmony between the American Southwest and the Sahara. Using original footage shot in both locations as well as archival material, Sahara Mojave draws and erases lines in the sand. It maintains the direction of surprising inquiry into culture and history that is so particular to Thornton's work.

In The World Turns images of the earth pivot precariously and the ocean bleeds. She asks the question, “who decides which way the world turns”. Part of the series, Let Me Count the Ways.


About Leslie Thornton

Leslie Thornton was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. She studied with filmmakers Hollis Frampton, Paul Sharits, Stan Brakhage and Richard Leacock. Her numerous awards include the Maya Deren Lifetime Achievement Award, the first Alpert Award in the Arts for media and grants and fellowships from the Rockefeller Foundation, the NEA, NYSCA, NYFA, and The Jerome Foundation. Thornton's film and media works have been exhibited worldwide, in such venues as The Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Biennial Exhibition, Centre George Pompidou,  Musée Bordeaux and The Pacific Film Archives. Festivals include The Rotterdam International Film Festival, The New York Film Festival and the film festivals of  Oberhausen, Graz, Mannheim, Berlin, Austin, Toronto, Tokyo and Seoul.  Thornton is Professor of Modern Culture and Media at Brown University. 



Gail Vachon, 2005
2 min, HD

I'm sorry I ran over the cat.
I'm sorry I ate all the pie.
I'm sorry I didn't say anything.
I'm sorry I couldn't apologize for breaking your heart.
I'm sorry I couldn't keep my mouth shut.
I'm sorry I looked where I shouldn't have.
I'm sorry I bumped into you.
I'm sorry I didn't call.
I'm sorry I left the house such a mess.
I'm sorry I held myself back.
I'm sorry I didn't wait for you.
I'm sorry I lied.
I'm sorry I'm always mean to you.
I'm sorry I was too scared to do it.
I'm sorry I wanted you to have succeeded when you tried to kill yourself
I'm sorry I made you stay.
I'm sorry I left the door open.
I'm sorry I pretended I didn't know you were scared.
I'm sorry I laughed at you.
I'm sorry I didn't fight harder.
I'm sorry I forgot to buy milk.
I'm sorry I said I would look after you when you got old and insane and I didn't
I'm sorry I didn't believe you.
I'm sorry I spent the money on drugs.
I'm sorry I got impatient when you wanted to spend time with me
I'm sorry I read your diary
I'm sorry I slept with your husband
I'm sorry I left you alone at the party
I'm sorry I broke your spirit.
I'm sorry I locked you in the cupboard
I'm sorry I wouldn't let you play with my friends
I'm sorry I said let's revive our friendship and then I didn't
I'm sorry I let you watch too much TV
I'm sorry I stepped on your hand
I'm sorry I had you locked up.
I'm sorry I blocked your view
I'm sorry I smelled so bad
I'm sorry I talked about myself endlessly
I'm sorry I always take things the wrong way
I'm sorry I drank your beer


About Gail Vachon

Gail Vachon, a filmmaker for over 35 years, also draws pictures and was a member of the band Y Pants. Her films have been shown extensively and were included in the traveling show 10 Years: Collective for Living Cinema and in Big as Life: An American History of 8mm Films at the Museum of Modern Art. Her video Not Nine was screened at the 2005 New York Film Festival.



 16 Letters

Grahame Weinbren, 2006
16 min, HD

Letters is a series of one minute films, each loosely connected with a letter of the alphabet. They can be shown in any order, and together form a single work. The entire set will not be shown in any single screening. Several of the letters are in LimoHD, an uncompressed high definition format developed by Isaac Dimitrovsky, which incorporates a broad color range and exhibits an almost super-real image quality. Subject matter ranges from visual to conceptual, from experiment to introspection, from home movies to found footage, from new to recycled. Themes emerge across the letters, adding up to a kind of mental self-portrait over a 7 or 8 year period.


About Grahame Weinbren

Grahame Weinbren has made moving image works and interactive cinema

installations for over 30 years. Since 1984, Weinbren has created interactive cinema installations, which have shown internationally. His collaboration on The Erl King with Roberta Friedman was one of the first works to combine interactivity with cinema and was recently acquired by the Guggenheim Museum. His high definition short film collection 25 Letters was exhibited in the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival. He teaches at the School of Visual Arts and is an editor

of Millennium Film Journal.


Meredith Salient Field
Theo Angell, 2005
7 minutes, HD

Meredith Salient Field is the third in a series of intimate video portraits of individuals or groups. The common thread is the placement of subjects within the salient field.  This field is a dense yet highly active landscape comprised of intense video corruption'.  It produces a three-dimensional grid which prompts the viewer to reevaluate spatial relationships and the poetry of the silicon glitch.   Though the resulting atmosphere is futuristic, it also triggers a sense of nostalgia and a warping of time.  The series has been described as "taking video portraiture in a new direction".  Meredith Drum is a dancer and video artist.  She is wearing her  grandfather's wedding suit and swinging her lover's staff.   The portrait reveals her animus flowering in both directions.


About Theo Angell

Theo Angell is a video artist  and musician based in New York City.  A former member of the band Hall of Fame, his music has been heard nationwide. His video works have exhibited in international venues such as the Istanbul Biennale, Frieze Art Fair, Daniel Reich Gallery, Monkey Town, Disjecta Gallery, Instants Chavires, Guggenheim Museum and several others. He was recently at Caldera Residency in Oregon and is current resident at Voom HD Lab. He is working on a new series about spirituality, trees and graffiti.




Toni Dove, 2006
11 min excerpt, HD

Spectropia, soon to be released, exists as both a feature film and an evening-length interactive movie performance. This time travel drama, set in the future and in 1931 New York City, blends cinematic tropes typical of studio-age film noir with contemporary narrative trends in science fiction, cybernetics, and genre cinema.  Spectropia, a young woman, lives in the salvage district of an urban center in the future, a black market hub of retro object barter. Using a machine of her own invention to search the past for her father (lost in time looking for a vanished family inheritance), She is accidentally transported to NYC 1931 when her machine short circuits and she finds herself in the body of another woman - Verna de Mott - an amateur sleuth.


About Toni Dove

Toni Dove works primarily with electronic media, including virtual reality, interactive video installations, performance and DVDs that engage viewers in responsive environments. Her work has been presented in the United States, Europe and Canada. Projects include Arxheology of a Mother Tongue, a virtual reality installation with Michael Mackenzie, Banff Centre for the Arts and an interactive movie installation, Artificial Changelings, which debuted at the Rotterdam Film Festival and was exhibited at Body Mécanique at the Wexner Center and other spaces. Her current project under development is Spectropia, a feature length interactive movie for two players.  Dove has received numerous grants and awards including  the Rockefeller Foundation, the Greenwall Foundation, the Langlois Foundation, New York State Council on the Arts, National Endowment for the Arts, New York Foundation for the Arts, The LEF Foundation, and the Eugene McDermott Award from M.I.T.


The Aquarium
Pawel Wojtasik, 2006
20 min, HD

The Aquarium was filmed in high definition video in Alaska, Mystic, CT, and New York City.  It contrasts the primal Arctic landscape with the claustrophobia of captured sea mammals living in aquariums. The work looks beyond the spectacle of an aquarium to the reality of habitat destruction. It is not simply an environmental critique, however; rather, the piece assumes an attitude of wonder towards its magnificent subjects: the animals, the landscape, the human observers, and the artificial environments they have created in order to domesticate nature.


About Pawel Wojtasik 

Pawel Wojtasik's critical, and at points documentary-style video work foregrounds the means by which material waste, including that produced by the human body, is processed and eliminated. A culture of increasingly rapid consumption does not often permit glimpses into how its refuse is handled. Visceral experiences of these activities are scarce. Wojtasik takes us behind the scenes with results beautiful and horrific. Wojtasik has chronicled waste treatment methods at such diverse locations as a supermarket, a garbage transfer station, a car junkyard, and an individual's home. Employing slow-motion imagery and ambient sound, each piece reveals an open-ended narrative that encourages inquiry into what these processes mean.  Wojtasik has exhibited in venues such as San Francisco Cinematheque, Exit Art, Art Basel, PS1, Alona Kagan Gallery, Westport Art Center, LOOP Fair, Momenta Gallery, F-18, Kunstencentrum Netwerk and Reina Sofia in Spain.

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