Theo Angell ,Erika Beckman , Lili Chin ,*Toni Dove ,Gregory King ,Bradley Eros , Ali Hossaini, Ben Russell/Sabine Gruffat , Leslie Thornton, Gail Vachon, *Grahame Weinbrien , Pawel Wojtasik

Anthology Film Archives

32 Second Avenue and 2nd Street

New York, NY



Starts at 7:00 pm


Press Contact: Sharon J. Kahn, VOOM



Epiphany     Ali Hossaini    2006

Anthology Film Archives will present a full evening program of 12 shorts and a feature film produced by Voom HD Lab, an outreach project of Voom HD Networks.  The program will be held at the Anthology Film Archives, located at 32 Second Avenue and 2nd Street, on Wednesday, June 28, 2006 beginning at 7:00pm.  All of the filmmakers will be present for a Q & A discussion after the screening. 


Voom HD Networks is a suite of 15 channels of diverse programming, aired in breath-taking 1080i high-definition, the highest standard currently available, and 5.1 Dolby surround sound.  The Voom channels cover a spectrum of subject matter that include art, sports, news, travel, fashion and the largest library of films, remastered and aired in high- definition.  For more information, go to: www.voom.com.


Voom HD Lab aims to provide artists and filmmakers with the production and post-production tools to explore the frontiers of the new HD medium and to create unique and innovative works in this state-of-the-art format.  Many of the works produced by Voom HD Lab have been shown internationally in galleries, festivals and museums including: Le Couvent des Cordeliers in Paris, American Museum of the Moving Image, the 2006 Whitney Biennial and the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival. They are also aired on the Voom HD Networks, which are available nationally on DISH satellite service. 


The complete program is listed below:



Start time: 7:00pm

Total running time: approx. 110 minutes

Bradley Eros                             RITE OF THE BLACK SUN (9 minutes)
Pawel Wojtasik                          THE AQUARIUM (20 minutes)

Gregory King                             SUSTAIN (9 minutes)
Ben Russell/Sabine Gruffat         MICHOACAN: LA MUERTA (8 minutes)
Leslie Thornton                          SAHARA MOJAVE (6 minutes)

Lili Chin                                     PORTRAIT OF SHANGHAI (5 minutes)
Erika Beckman                          THE TENSION BUILDING (2.5 minutes)
Gail Vachon                              SORRY (2 minutes)

*Grahame Weinbrien                  16 LETTERS (excerpt) (16 minutes)
Theo Angell                               MERIDETH SALIENT FIELD (7 minutes)
*Toni Dove                                 SPECTROPIA (excerpt) (15 minutes)
Leslie Thornton                          THE WORLD TURNS (1.5 minutes)

*These projects were developed independently of LAB, however the showcase will include these artists' works as examples of experimentations with HD conversion.


Start time: 9:30 pm

Ali Hossaini                               EPIPHANY: THE CYCLE OF LIFE

Total running time: approx. 85 minutes

EPIPHANY: THE CYCLE OF LIFE is a meditation on the passage of the spirit. Inspired by the Tibetan Book of Natural Liberation, and set to the music of Palestrina, the film explores the disorienting passage from life into death. Dizzying images - fading memories of people and places - give way to decomposition, fire and the underworld. Rebirth occurs materially, through the medium of plants, rather than reuniting spirit with body. The film is also a kind of documentary, continuing the tradition of personal cinema. Using a unique style that emphasizes the visual impact of each scene, the filmmaker offers a series of personal mementos from trips to Iceland, Greenland, New York and the catacombs of Paris.

Ali Hossaini is the Executive Producer of Voom HD Lab.


About VOOM HD Networks

The VOOM HD Networks are the largest and most diverse suite of high definition channels available anywhere.  Produced exclusively in true high definition and 5.1 Dolby digital surround sound for distribution in the U.S. through satellite and cable operators, the 15 VOOM HD Networks carry programming in categories as diverse as sports, movies, fashion, music and art.  The VOOM HD Networks are commercial-free and available nationally on Echostar's DISH Network.  Developed by Rainbow Media to meet the growing demand for quality high definition programming, the VOOM HD Networks build on Rainbow Media's history of original programming innovation.


About Rainbow Media Holdings LLC

Rainbow Media Holdings LLC is a subsidiary of Cablevision Systems Corporation (NYSE: CVC).  Rainbow Media creates and manages some of the country's most compelling and dynamic entertainment brands including popular national and regional television channels AMC, fuse, The Independent Film Channel (IFC), WE tv, and three FSN affiliated regional sports networks managed by Rainbow Sports Networks.  The

company also manages Mag Rack and sportskool, two original on-demand networks;

VOOM HD Networks, the largest and most diverse suite of high definition channels available anywhere; IFC Entertainment, its film distribution, production and exhibition division; Rainbow Advertising Sales Corporation, its advertising sales division; and Rainbow Network Communications, its full service network programming origination and distribution company.



For further information, please contact: Sharon J. Kahn, VOOM

Sharon Kahn <SJKAHN@rainbow-media.com>



Voom HD Lab is interested in exhibitions and partnerships with other institutions.  For more information, please contact:


Ali Hossaini

Executive Producer

Voom HD Lab

11 Penn Plaza, 2 floor

New York, NY 10001

212 324 8614


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