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10.07.03      Joan Jonas Crossed Waves: After a Long Train Ride / TRANS >area at the Moore Space  

10.09.03      Stefan Brüggemann (NOTHING) / TRANS >editions at the Frieze Art Fair

10.14.03      Koo Jeong-a Koo Jeong-a / TRANS >area and Yvon Lambert, New York

11.07.03      Rachel Lowther Castle Spike / PARTICIPANT INC.

11.18.03       Sergio Prego Winter Star / Lombard-Freid Fine Arts

11.26.03       Lovett/Codagnone For You / TRANS>area and PARTICIPANT INC at NADA Art Fair 2003: Miami Beach

11.26.03       Jim Lambie and Yang Fudong / The Moore Space

01.26.04       MediaScope: Yang Fudong / MoMA Film at the Gramercy Theatre

02.16.04       China Now / MoMA Film at the Gramercy Theatre

03.27.04       Yang Fudong / TRANS>area

03.14.04       Valeska Soares / The Bronx Museum

03.10.04       FILES reception / @ TRANS> area

04.06.04       Scream/ The Moore Space

4.19.04       Not for sale, panel discussion/ @ NYU

4.27.04      Daniel Guzman @ TRANS> area and Lombard Freid

6.7.04         Point of View /New Museum and Bick Productions

6.10.04       TRANS>editions /at ART Basek 35 and TRANS> area

10.26.04 __Shirana Shahbazi @ TRANS>area

12.2.04 ___Don't Trust Anyone Over Thirty @ Art Basel Miami

12.3.04 ___Hernan Bass, Jim Drain and Ara Peterson at the Moore Space

2.25.05___ Fernando Renes at TRANS>area

3.27.05 ___Not for Sale: New Media and Sound @ NYU

2.17.06 ___Don't Trust Anyone Over Thirty

2.17.06 ___DTAOT: COMBINE (Don't Trust Anyone Over Thirty, All Over Again)

6.07.06 ___TRANS (10th Anniversary Celebration)



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